Hospitality with the scent of flowers

Special rooms with a semi-open-air bath "Hoshiraku" and "Tsukiraku" are rooms based on "Kuro" and "Shiro". Both rooms have a bedroom in addition to the tatami room. Please rest in a semi-open-air bath that flows 100% from the source and a high-quality domestic bed. The semi-open-air bath is spacious, so please use it for your loved ones or family trips. Hotel Kikyou is fully equipped with Wi-Fi.

  • Special room "Hoshiraku"
  • Special room "Tsukiraku"
  • General guest room

Ishikawa Interior Design Award
Received the Kanazawa Mayor's Award

The 44th Ishikawa Interior Design Award Kanazawa Mayor's Award-winning public baths "Kuro-no-Yu" and "Shiro-no-Yu".

Relax your body and soul at Yamashiro Onsen, which was loved by great people such as Akechi Mitsuhide, Akiko Yosano, Kyoka Izumi, and Rosanjin Kitaoji in the 1300th anniversary of the opening of the hot spring.

Kaga Yamashiro Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture An inn that boasts cuisine

Please enjoy Japan's top-class cuisine using plenty of local Kaga vegetables and carefully selected ingredients sent directly from Hashidate Fishing Port. In addition, Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the leading local sake producing areas in Japan. Today, we have a large selection of local sake from Ishikawa that is irresistible for sake lovers.


Celebration Japanese restaurant "Musubi"

The interior of the restaurant "Musubi" on the 3rd floor of Hotel Kikyou is based on natural materials, including a single solid counter top plate and a cypress table top plate, and the floor material is Takigahara, a local production area that is famous nationwide. We use stones and hippo cherry blossoms.

Counter restaurant "En"

The discerning counter, which was created with the desire to spend an important time with a loved one, is an overwhelmingly popular seat and is so comfortable that you will forget the time.