Boiled sea bream helmet

Only natural local sea bream is used. The natural red sea bream caught in the rough seas of the Sea of Japan is a superb taste that is tight and has a tightly condensed flavor. Using locally produced dark soy sauce and local sake, simmer for over an hour until it becomes glossy while carefully checking the taste. Please enjoy the simmered sea bream helmet that we are proud of.

Kaga vegetables, sent directly from Hashitate Port Discerning ingredients

Enjoy our specialty Japanese kaiseki meals made with plenty of local ingredients from Kaga vegetables and Hashidate fishing port.

One of the leading local sake producing areas,
Ishikawa Prefecture

Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the leading local sake producing areas in Japan. Delicious rice and delicious water from Mt. Hakusan, the sacred mountain, produce exquisite local sake.

Today, we have a large selection of local sake from Ishikawa that is irresistible for sake lovers. There is also fruity sake that suits those who are not good at sake, so please tell the person in charge when you eat. There may be new discoveries!



Celebration Japanese restaurant "Musubi"

The interior of the restaurant "Musubi" on the 3rd floor of Hotel Kikyou is based on natural materials, including a single solid counter top plate and a cypress table top plate, and the floor material is Takigahara, a local production area that is famous nationwide. We use stones and hippo cherry blossoms.


Counter restaurant "En"

The discerning counter, which was created with the desire to spend an important time with a loved one, is an overwhelmingly popular seat and is so comfortable that you will forget the time.