Celebration Japanese restaurant『結び』


"Knot" the customer's edge,
A place to "connect" with Hotel Kikyou

Luxury created with natural materials

The restaurant "Knot" on the 3rd floor is based on natural materials, including a single solid counter top plate and cypress table top plate, as well as flooring materials such as Takigahara stone and hippopotamus cherry blossoms, which are famous all over the country. using. The material itself is not colored, but by making the best use of the color of the material itself, we are creating a space that is genuine and calm. In addition, the pleated screen siro used as a point has also become a production that makes you imagine a celebration seat. In addition to table seats, there are also private rooms for the audience to meet the various needs of guests.

Counter restaurant『縁』


I just forget the time Coziness

Have fun with customers ...

The counter is the only place where customers and chefs can easily talk with each other across the ingredients. No matter how much the chef at the inn uses his skills to cook delicious food, he rarely sees the happy faces of customers. At the counter, customers can see their kitchen knives and enjoy the dishes prepared with all their heart. Ingredients procured from the local fishing port will provide the best taste with the most delicious way of eating that day. The discerning counter, which was created with the desire to spend an important time with a loved one, is an overwhelmingly popular seat and is so comfortable that you will forget the time.

Lobby, souvenirs and shops

At the shop, we have a large selection of Hokuriku specialties such as Japanese towels, rice, local beer, and traditional crafts.
Please drop in when you visit us. How about a memory of your trip?

Hotel Kikyou is fully equipped with Wi-Fi.

Light meal corner

At the light meal corner, you can enjoy light meals such as source coffee using 100% hot water, various drinks, and our most popular ramen. Please use it for the second party.

Large banquet hall "Kaga no Gosho"

The large banquet hall "Kaga no Gosho", which can hold banquets for up to 80 people, is equipped with a stage and audio equipment. Please leave it to us for big banquets such as New Year's parties and comfort trips.

Bar, lounge, karaoke

The floor area of the dance floor "Jinraimu" is about 200m²! Box seats are provided in the dance hall, so you can fully enjoy it from small groups to groups. A large screen is permanently installed on the stage.